Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Cling Film Face Mask

Hi guys!! Hope your all well!! I discovered a new facial mask and as weird as it sounds it actually works. I have tried this and since trying this I use this mask once a month. And when I say it works wonders...IT WORKS WONDERS!!

Here is what you'll need:

A face mask
A hydrating cream / moisturiser
Cling film
A warm towel
Skin serum

Here's what you do:

1. Wet a face mask

2. Put a hydrating cream on the mask

3. Put cling film on the mask. Make holes for the nostrils and mouth.

4. Take the mask off after 20 mins. 5. Apply a moisturiser.

6. Warm a wet towel in the microwave and put it on your face for 30 seconds.

7. Apply a skin serum on the damp face.

Once you try this your skin will feel soft and amazing. I've tried this and so has my partner and my sister and my mum and its worked wonders for us.

Why not comment below and let me know how you found it.

Love you all. Thank you and have a good day.

Celine xoxox

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fashion Trends For SS15

Hi guys!! Hope your all well. Because this is a fashion blog I decided to put up the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2015. Enjoy!!

When you think of spring or summer you think of bright colours and pastel colours. This year the colours seen on the catwalk were pastel blue, pastel pink, yellow, coral, orange, pink, beige, cream and lilac.


For all you black lovers. Do not worry monochrome is in this season. Black is my favourite colour and I believe anyone can pull of this trend. It works well in the office and casually.

All white errything:-
There was the all black errything look and now time for the all white everrything. I've never worn all white before and I can't wait to try this trend out this season.

Colour Block:-
It looks like the combination of black and white isnt the only combination on the catwalk. Bright colours contrasted together is also hot this season.
Fabric prints:-

This season there will be a variety of prints. Including floral accents, geometric, abstract and animal prints.

Horizontal and vertical stripes are trendy in in In.

This is my absolutely favourite trend. I love the comfort of sporty clothes and because it's trendy that's just a bonus for me. This trend is comfy and has a hint on tomboy and feminine.

Denim is the must have this season. Whether it's a pair of skinny jeans or a denim shirt or even a pair of denim heels. This is comfortable and popular this season.

Suits were seen on the catwalk this season and I gotta say they looked amazing. It made me want to go and put a suit on hehe. My favourite was the white oversized jacket and white trousers.
You can mix these trends around and see which one works well for you. Why not tag me in your pictures on Instagram.

I hope this inspires you to be more daring with your outfits.

Be happy, unique and yourself!! Love you all! Thanks you and have a good day!!

Celine xxx

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